Leading in Global Matrix

Course overview

A three day in company course

The approach is based on the business reality of the participants focusing on their specific Global Matrix situation. We explore the relations to key stakeholders, the need for structural mapping of expectations and agreed contributions as well as specific means to recognize and support stakeholders.

Course description

The Leading in a GLOBAL Matrix training is rooted in the participant’s reality, working with their current challenges and very hands on, focusing on orchestrating the Global Matrix, to get deliveries in time, and at expected quality. It is about influencing others, gaining commitment on roles, responsibilities and deliveries. It includes understanding your ‘international’ stakeholders, building relational capacity, the ability to drive changes and to inspire a shared ownership.

These learning solutions are offered during a 3-day face to face event, also comprising some preparation and post activities bringing in the business reality of each participant. There will be many opportunities to support and challenge each participant with concrete development needs in his/her business reality.

Highlights of the content:

  • Creating community, networks and relationship building
  • Getting to know each other; first impressions
  • Understanding relations and dynamics with (international) stakeholders
  • Acquiring a Global Matrix mindset to leverage our global uniqueness effectively
  • Sustain momentum by frequent communication and regular follow up
  • Insight in (personal) communication
  • Communication, listening, definitions; body language
  • Action Plans, Structures
  • Conflict resolution, problem resolving
  • Influence without formal authority
  • Managing competing priorities
  • Creating mutual understanding about your Matrix
  • Introduction advantages/disadvantages and how to make the Matrix work
  • Internal Client Analysis
  • What is culture? And why does it matter and how does it affect your Matrix
  • Your own cultural back ground and its impact on your Matrix
  • What is the impact of culture on communication
  • A comparison between the rational, relational and reflective cultures of the world
  • Key challenges in building your Matrix with cross-cultural cooperation: e.g. hierarchy & leadership, time & planning, rules & regulations
  • A closer look at how different business cultures interact in the workplace
  • Your cultural values; the international outlook and the ‘internal’ client’s perceptions
  • Key challenges that often surface within a cross cultural cooperation

Target group

All who work across the organization without formal authority, typically Segment managers, HR, Demand chain, Staff functions and anyone with activities across business units, facilities, countries and anyone with a dotted line in any organization.

Leaders working in an international context, in a line position or in a project role.